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Data is often compared to oil due to its precious nature, yet its value for the enterprise is far greater than the importance it receives. Due to its sheer abundance from a wide variety of disparate sources and the magic it creates for your bottom-line, the value of data has propelled it to become the very lifeblood of an enterprise. By identifying, extracting, harmonizing, making it usable, and acting on it promptly, the scalability of your business and profitability would reach new heights.

Primus Data and Analytics Platform serves as the centralized data hub of an enterprise, tapping into every hidden siloed, unstructured-structured data, and delivers business value by making it actionable. Discover how you can unearth a “real” balance-sheet impact, build accurate prediction models, improve operational responsiveness in real-time and move from ‘what happened and why?’ to ‘here’s what we do’ all in a matter of seconds.

Services Offering

Solutions by Industry

Automotive Analytics 

Shift gears by expanding the market and servicing customers better. 

  • Vendor Part Pricing Dashboards to track commodity and currency fluctuations and their impact across the entire product profile. Monitor the part pricing of procurement.”
  • Dealer to track commodity and currency fluctuations and their impact across the entire product profile. Monitor the part pricing of procurement.”
  • Warranty Dashboard Deep analytics of warranty incidences across the country and the costs associated with extended warranty. Review and Predict part failure. Increase service retention and maintain profitability.
  • Spare Part Pricing Strategic analytics to determine the pricing of spare parts and margin distribution across the entire value chain. Increase Spare Part penetration and expand profitability.
  • Service Dashboard Tracking of service level KPIs such as turn around time of vehicles and the replacement of parts as per schedule. Raise the compliance ratio of Prescribed Maintenance Schedule to 90%+.

Insurance Analytics 

Let analytics insure your business risks so you can focus on covering them for others. 

  • Premium Inflow Track month on month fluctuations of LOB wise premiums and NOPs. Monitor product and channel wise performance.
  • Claim Trends Track early claims, intimated, paid and outstanding claims. Identify YoY trends.
  • Channel/Agent Scorecards Scorecards to track and improve the sales and service performance of channels/agents across the country. Determine incentive payout and encourage agents to over achieve targets.
  • Loss Analytics Deep analytics of key insurance ratios like Gross Loss Ratio, Net Loss Ratio, Combined Ratio and more. Review and predict points of failure. Improve Loss ratios and increase profitability.
  • Loss Triangles Various loss triangles like accident year wise etc help you to understand the pattern and enables you to maintain appropriate reserves.
  • Regulatory Reporting All regulatory reporting needs for underwriting, Finance & Actuarial automated and made available for filing to IRDA

NBFC Analytics 

Lending and Collections based on data.

  • RBI Report RepositoryAutomate and improve accuracy of daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly regulatory reporting. Save time and eliminate errors.
  • NPA AnalyzerClassify your assets, discover hidden NPAs, identify problem cases early on and take prompt measures for recovery. Reap the benefits of an efficient asset management process.
  • Management DashboardMonitor deposits, advance, interest earned and paid, net interest margin, EMIs due and float funds available. Track the movement of KPIs paramount to the health of your business.
  • OperationsRegular monitoring of operations to keep track of Customer Retention, Cross Selling products to customers, Customer categorization, Customer Penetration, Asset Quality & Capital Adequacy

Manufacturing Analytics  

Reduce wastage and improve performance across your supply chain

  • Inventory/Supply Variability DashboardMonitor total inventory, inventory turns, obsolete inventory, working inventory, and non-working inventory. Increase conformance to lead times and promise dates.
  • Supply Chain StrategyTrack delivery of raw material and finished products from one plant to another, one department to another, plant to warehouse and from warehouse to customer. Reduce the supply chain cycle time.
  • Operational Cost DashboardRoll up all department costs including distribution costs, procurement costs, warehousing costs, transportation costs, and manufacturing costs. Arrive at critical KPI’s like cost of goods sold, cost per unit, or cost per kilogram.
  • Wastage/Rejection AnalysisAnalysis of wastage and rejection at various levels like supplier, assembly line process, quality parameter, nature of defect and frequency of rejection. Administer tight controls on costs.
  • Spare Part PricingStrategic analytics to determine the pricing of spare parts and margin distribution across the entire value chain. Increase Spare Part penetration and expand profitability.


Analytics Solutions to help serve the people better

  • Scheme and program managementMeasure program/scheme success and encourage data exploration across federal, state and local organizations. Improve efficiency in allocation of budgets.
  • CM DashboardBring ease in monitoring state and department wise KPIs through one application embedded on a public portal. Increase transparency and empower citizen action.
  • Crime AnalyticsA 360° Time pattern analysis of the crime case such as frequent occurrence of vehicle thefts, pickpocketing etc. Deploy patrol team at the right place at the right time.
  • Treasury and financeProvide insights of revenue and expenditure transactions data for policy decision making. Gain a holistic understanding of the implementation of State Budget at Department, Head of Department, Drawing & Disbursing Officer levels.

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