Manage Positions

Position Management is a solution for facilitating a company’s organizational management. It allows the assignment of resources that are needed in the organization, independent from actual employee assignments. Customers can maintain a target organizational structure by creating a central repository of authorized positions.

A position enables the hiring of one or more employees with the specified job classification into the position. You can work with positions while there are no incumbents and work with employees when they are incumbents of positions. Position Management ensures employee job information is consistent (the position object drives organizational data like department, location, and job code). Once positions are created, employees can be hired on these positions. 

This business process describes the maintenance of positions within the company to keep up-to-date with the business requirements. The maintenance includes the subprocesses of creating, updating, and deactivating positions, as well as mass updates to positions, which share common attribute values.

  • Concrete planning of which resources are needed in the organization
  • Maintaining a target organizational structure
  • Reducing HR administrative overhead
  • Viewing Position Details
  • Creating Positions
  • Updating Positions
  • Deactivating Positions