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Agile Software Development

Arthsetu Loan Origination System

ArthSetu is a FinTech enterprise offering a specialized ‘Digital Loan Origination System’ (LOS) solution for the Banking and Finance industry. With our deep domain understanding and through our learnings from industry best practices we continuously enhanced products to deliver the most relevant solutions to our clients. We provide total commitment to building lasting partnerships with our customers. Our headquarter, product development lab and a support centre are based in Pune. Our solution can be easily implemented and are capable of seamless integrations with Credit Bureaus, Public Registries, Alternate Data Points and Loan Management Systems.


“ArthSetu SmartCredit LOS” is a multi-channel, multi-point AI / ML enabled, scalable, cloud-based LOS for credit life cycle management. Our product helps customers to digitize the complete credit-lifecycle end to end, helping make better credit decisions faster to comprehensive loan servicing.

ArthSetu LOS is developed using the latest technological platform and supports customization as per customer requirement. It supports interfacing with other applications in the enterprise eco system and enables straight through processing.

Some key features include:

  • Responsive User Interface: Smart, modern, and responsive for best view.
  • Cloud Ready: Operating system and database independent.
  • Very Easy to Use even in offline mode.
  • Channel and smart device agnostic.

Digital Commerce & Marketing

NextGen Learning online booking platform

NextGen Education Foundation is formed by the Industry Experts to run short term industry oriented vocational diploma courses that offer certification in a number of fields and professions that will provide employment. These courses will be on latest technologies in growth sectors such as Industry 4.0 automation at Discrete Manufacturing, Automobile, Construction, Mechatronics.The objective of these certificate programs is to create ‘industry ready’ resources who can be gainfully employed upon completion of these courses. The certificate programs will give students a chance to refine their essential skills and develop a cutting edge thus increasing their industry competence, confidence, and employability.

NextGen Education will work with schools, higher education institutions and companies to define course structures, to digitize their contents with use cases and case studies, which has until now been unaffordable due to the usual high cost of digitization. Offer a high-quality teaching method and interactive videos that make students want to learn differently.

Outsourced Product Development

Dealer management systems (DMS)

Dealer management systems enable a dealership to perform all the day to day functions their dealership encounters from sales operations, financing operations, service operations and more; it is important that all these functions of a dealership work together.

With a DMS, dealers can improve each facet of their business through combining all the tools you need into a single platform. With all the daily transactions your dealership encounters in one place, you can more easily run your business. You no longer need to log-in to separatesolutions to manage your inventory, create point of sale invoices, view service history or follow-up on leads.

Through the software integrations available with a DMS, dealers can manage their entire business in one cloud-based dealership software application allowing business owners to more easily monitor all dealership operations and see the big picture more clearly. The integrations built into the software allows for a streamlined, easy to use exchange of information between all the operational areas of your dealership running through your software.

Your success depends on all departments of your dealership. A dealer management system helps you achieve your goals by creating an effective and cooperative way for departments to communicate, interact and stay informed with transactions happening within other areas of the dealership. A good DMS will save you money, improve the efficiency of your business operations, all while improving the customer experience at your dealership.

Platform Modernization

Digital Manufacturing Tracking Platform

In manufacturing, your money is made on the shop floor. That is why accurate, real-time visibility into your production and factory floor is a critical component of the modern manufacturing environment. The Digital Manufacturing Tracking is a manufacturing management tool providing real-time production tracking and execution.

From state-of-the-art process monitoring tools that track process data parameters including item numbers, work centre details, lot numbers, dates and time, etc, to shop floor machine data collection (such as planned versus actual production, unplanned downtime, real-time production quality, and Overall Equipment Efficiency), IQMS has the tools to help you control costs and proactively make informed decisions.

In addition to unrivalled manufacturing intelligence, Digital Manufacturing Tracking also offers detailed inventory tracking (material and part movements, levels and consumption), a comprehensive suite of quality tools (integrated SAP), production traceability, tracking and genealogy, business activity monitoring (production alerts and Key Performance Indicators) and lean manufacturing tools.

Research and Development

Digital Signature products

Doc Digi Signer
The purpose of a digital signature is the same as that of a traditional signature. It provides authenticity and legal stature to a document. The importance and the increasing use of digital signatures in the present-day businesses can be determined by the fact that several international laws have been enacted to facilitate businesses through digital signatures. International laws have maintained the legal stature of the digital signatures ranking them at equal value as the handwritten signatures. This makes digital signature a reliable alternative to paperwork for many prominent sectors.
Doc Digi Signer is a software that lets the sender digitally sign a document using the public key infrastructure (PKI) mechanism, which is verifiable by a Certificate Authority.

Doc Digi Signer solution having two flavours, one is Standalone utility and Server base.
Standalone utility:Standalone utility has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that require a comprehensive software tool (along with a digital certificate in the form of a smart card, e-token, etc) to digitally sign all document formats in an organizational workflow.
  • Validation of Digital signature on the machine.
  • · Should take input documents in folder (or from DMS) and after running the utility gives the PDF DS imbedded documents in output folder (or to DMS).
  • Reside on local machine with a password protection.
  • Sign document using USB token and pfx file.
  • Sign document either manual or automatic mode (in non-server base).
  • Configurable for multiple copies with stamp “Original”, “Duplicate”, “Triplicate”, etc.
  • Make signed PDF as password protected.
  • Make signed PDF as read only, print not allowed, not allowed to copy contain, etc.
  • Adding a trusted timestamp to electronic signature from Time Stamping Authority (TSA).
  • Visually you can set position of Signature.
  • Maintain logs for every events.
  • Atomically sent PDF to printer and email.

Server base:

Server base Digital Signature Software that lets you digitally signs your documents. It keeps the private and public keys secure. It provides you with the ease of workflow. It supports multiple formats of digital signatures.

The workflow on Server base is as follows:

  1. The user submits the document to be signed-
  2. Server receives the request-
  3. Server signs the file using its keys-
  4. The signed file is returned to the client.


  • It allows signing requests through HTTP POST form uploads, the command line interface, Web Services, or any of the supported interfaces.
  • Web Services, or remotely using the standalone Administration through Administration Web interface.
  • It provides signing service for the document formats like PDF.
  • Authentication of the signer
  • Certificate validity check
  • Record book of all signs and documents
  • Customizable, simple to use interface offers a flexible solution to add digital signatures on your documents.

PrimEbridge e-Invoice solution

With the GST council making e-invoicing mandatory for businesses with a turnover over Rs.100Cr, you will need software that helps you overcome the hurdles posed by the new system. PrimEbridge is e-invoicing compliant and designed to adapt to GST requirements.

Integrate within current SAP with a smarter interface.