About SEN

We offer our customers a combination of strategic enablement, technology adoption services ,robust delivery platforms and learner-appropriate content in a flexible framework for individual learning, corporate education, and community learning.

SAP Enable now (SEN) is a toolkit which helps in creating and documenting context which is helpful for user adoption, documenting transaction, simulating trainings and creating eLearning materials.

With SAP Enable Now you can easily create in app context sensitive help, guided tours to enable people on various skill sets

The main moto is to remove the barriers to learning and creating a more personalized experience that engages, inspires, and enables people excel themselves in organisation.

SAP Enable Now (SEN) experts will help you in,

  • Install and test SAP Enable Now (SEN).
  • Analyse design Requirement.
  • Plan SEN to meet your specific needs.
  • Train your developers in tool.
  • Train to SEN administrator.
  • Customize and generate documentation template.
  • Edit, record and demonstrate replica and translate into SEN supported language by adding voice over and by producing playback outputs and produce word, PowerPoint and HTML document based on that.